The main character, Mr. Blue.

One day he passed an ocean as he drove aimlessly along the road in his car. The sea was beautiful, so he parked his car by the road and smoked by the fence while looking at the sea.

He wanted to get closer to the sea so he went down the stairs to the beach. As he got closer to the sea, he saw a small stone on the beach that looked very much like a penguin. This amused him and he knelt down and propped his head up to look at the little stone. He thought it was the cutest little rock in the world, how could there be a stone that looked so, so much like a penguin? He teased it with his fingers and soothed it a little more, as if the little stone was alive.

Unconsciously, the protagonist fell into a beautiful fantasy, in his imagination this little penguin stone was his best friend, they talked a lot, they went on car trips together, they fished together, they sunbathed on the beach together, they swam together, they went to see the sea together, just standing there looking at the sea, not saying anything, and it was nice too.

It was all lovely, but it was just his imagination, and the little penguin stone was just a stone.

He wanted to put this beauty in his pocket, he wanted to put the little penguin stone in his pocket. But in the end he left the little penguin stone on the beach, and with the help of light and shadow he put a hat on it with his fingers, the same hat as he had.

In the end he left that beach, perhaps he pocketed the goodness in his memory, or perhaps he felt he just couldn't keep any of it. No one knows what kind of mood he was in, or why he didn't take the rock with him.